Remember that Pastor that would leave a tip for her server? Well here is a restaurant that gave a discount to a family because their kids were "Well Behaved". Don't you think we could use this incentive at Sioux Falls restaurants?! Here's the story from

Laura King expected a tally of good food on her restaurant tab. A credit for her children’s good manners, on the other hand, came as quite a surprise.

King, her husband and their three children, ages 2, 3 and 8, recently feasted on pizza, pasta and mushroom ragu at an Italian eatery near their home in Kingston, Wash. The kids – no strangers to restaurants -- quietly enjoyed their meals.

“They were just being their normal selves,” King told “Our server came to our table and just really thanked us for having exceptionally behaved children.”Then, the server brought out a bowl of ice cream for the children to share and when the family checked the bill, it turned out the dessert was on the house. The restaurant had applied a “well behaved kids” discount of $4, which covered the ice cream. Rob Scott -- who owns Sogno di Vino, the restaurant King visited -- said he routinely offers complimentary desserts to customers with well-mannered children, but this was the first time he had actually typed the discount on the receipt.

He fondly recalled the King family, describing the children as the epitome of good behavior: they were very polite, didn’t neglect to say “please” and “thank you,” and stayed seated during their visit. That’s often not the case when kids come to his restaurant, Scott said. Many end up shouting or running around the eatery unchecked.

Do you think your kids would qualify for the "Well Behaved" discount?