So what are the sexiest male and female hair styles this year?

Both men and women were asked to chime in on that very topic recently, here are the results:

For women, men ranked the sexiest style right now as the "down and straight look." Halle Berry does a nice job of that here:

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The Down and straight look was followed by "Down and curly." A ponytail or an up-do  tied for third. An up-do is when women wear their hair up, but not necessarily in a ponytail.

Too greasy and dyed unnatural colors tied for first when it came to the un-sexiest look for ladies. Followed by the half-shaved, half-long look. The bun was fourth.

As for sexy mens hair styles, women are groovin' on that "just out of bed" look. One important thing guys, it has to be an intentional just out of bed look. You have to have a plan. It can't be that natural I just crawled out of the rack look.

Colin Farrell seems to have mastered the look correctly:

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Neatly combed hair came in second after the messy look.

Greasy hair was also voted number one when it comes to the least sexy look for men. Hair that's too unkempt came in second, which is why the "just out of bed" look needs a strategy I guess.

It's all so confusing. I'm glad I'm bald. That's the first time I've ever said that!