Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Who knew go-go boots, miniskirts and bell bottom jeans had it in them. According to a new survey the 1960’s was voted the most fashionable decade by women throughout the years.

I guess a bunch of former hippy chicks must have taken the survey.

The 60’s came out on top, edging out the 1920’s, and the 1950’s with their leather jackets, poodle skirts and cardigan sweaters for the top three decades when it comes to female fashion.

Woman evidently thought highly of the fashion in the decade of the 2000’s as well. The return of skinny jeans, giant sunglasses and the debut of Ugg Boots must have got them excited.

The rest of the top 10 included, the 1940’s best known for full skirts and wide-legged pants. The 1930’s with their shoulder pads and hats worn at an angle.  Then came the 1990’s, where in my opinion, fashion really took a nose dive with the arrival of grunge, baggy pants and wallet chains.

Surprisingly, the decade of the 80’s showed up in 8th place. To me, it seems like many of the same fashion styles you saw back in the decade of decadence have made a re-appearance again today. You know, things like; skinny jeans, leg warmers, bright neon colors, the bigger glasses, etc.

Woman of today don’t think too highly of the fashion styles of the 1910’s either. The long dresses, large women’s hats and old fashion looks aren’t blowing up the skirts of many ladies these days.

And finally, John Travolta be damned! The decade of the 70’s came in dead last when it comes to female fashion. It appears most women don’t want to own up to the fact that they once were sporting the disco look.  Who could forget the butterfly collars, platform shoes, pant suits, high cut boots and low cut pants?

By the looks of the survey, most women want to.