My wife and I have been married for 30 years...(We tied the knot when I was 8)...and I know this sounds trite but, love her more and more each day. I believe she tolerates me more and more each day. We have raised two really cool kids and been through a myriad of life’s ups, downs, ins, & outs. And I will tell you that after all of this time I still have no idea of what she ever saw in or sees in me. So when I was reading Cosmo, that's right I read Cosmo, I came across this article and was even more confused. According to Cosmo's Love Lab, here's what women are looking for in a man:

60% want a stud who'll smooch in public -- but that's it.
53% prefer a guy to be close in age.
51% picked a boy with real-guy adorableness.
50% wanted him to have a cropped, straight haircut.
44% are driven to a stud who drives a Jeep or SUV.
44% want a funny, nice, guy-next-door type, like a teacher or veternarian.
41% said they preferred blue eyes.
40% of women said that eyes are a man's most irresistible attribute.
39% prefer dark brown or black hair.
37% would opt for a guy who's working his way up financialy.
38% crave stormy between-the-sheets sessions.
37% dig a guy who shows up with wine and a video for a night on the couch.

So...Ladies do you agree with all of this? What do YOU look for in a man?