If someone walked up to you today and asked, what is the definition of cheating, how would you answer them?

Come to find out, your answer will vary greatly depending on whether you are a man or a woman.

According to a new survey, men and women are definitely not on the same page when it comes to what constitutes cheating!

  • 100% of women surveyed agreed that kissing is cheating, whereas only 86% of men thought kissing another person qualified as cheating.
  • 82% of women believe texting and online flirting counts as infidelity; while only 56% of men feel the same way.

Then there is the whole issue of strip bars and porn.

Is your man cheating if he goes out to a gentleman's club with his hunting buddies and gets a lap dance from a female dancer?

Or are you cheating ladies, if you attend a bachelorette party that features a male dancer, and you spend the majority of the evening stuffing Washington's inside Mr. Beefcakes G-string?

We need Bill Clinton to weigh in on this. Oh wait, he's still probably trying to figure out what the definition of "is..is!"