With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it begs the question, what is the most unromantic Valentine's Day gift you have ever received from your man ladies?

I recently read that what men tend to buy their wives and girlfriends for Valentine's Day is influenced less by love and more by fear.

Men are afraid if their gift is rejected, that they too, will be rejected. So they tend to go the safe route and gravitate towards jewelry, because they know it will be a hit!

But, there's always that guy who strays off the reservation and buys his lady an unromantic, odd ball Valentine's Day gift.

Here's a look at 10 of the most unromantic Valentine's Day gifts your man could give you this year:


Brief Jerky Edible Meat Underwear

The Heart Spatula


USB Heart Necklace


A Scale


A Nordic Trac

A Jenny Craig Dinner


Artificial Flowers

An Already Opened Box of Chocolates

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A Valentine's Day Door Mat

The "T for 2" T-shirt

I'm guessing should you receive any of these gifts this year, it would almost certainly qualify as a Valentine's Day disaster! No doubt resulting in him sleeping on the couch and having to make a trip to Jared the next day to get back in your good graces!