If Sioux Falls follows national trends, the most popular dining spot this Valentine's Day will be Italian restaurants.

A recent surveyed from Restaurant.com revealed that Italian restaurants will be America's most sought after dining destination this Valentine's Day.

49% of the people asked picked Italian food as their number one choice for a romantic night out. Followed by French cuisine and fondue-themed restaurants.

If you agree that Italian food is tops, you're in luck, Sioux Falls has a number of really good Italian restaurants to choose from. I’d say gagging from the parking lots, some of the favorite Sioux Empire destinations appear to be: Carino's, Olive Garden, Spezia, and Luciano's to name a few.

You can bet the other usual suspects in town will be packed that night too.

Just a little advice, wherever you decide to go, don't forget to make a reservation well in advance of the big day.

Here's to a wonderful romantic night out with the one you love!