Are you one of these people that freaks out when you look at the battery icon on your phone and it's already down to about 5% by 10 in the morning and you forgot your battery charger at home?

If not, congrats, you're better than most of us numbskulls.

92% of people say a low cell phone battery indicator stresses them out BIG TIME according to a recent survey.

61% reported getting frustrated and 25% say it's a legitimate reason to hit the panic button.

As reliant as we've become on our cell phones as a society maybe it's justified?

81% of people did say that a dead cell phone battery has caused them a problem before. After all, how are you supposed to play "Words with Friends" at work on a dead smart phone? On your office computer? Not likely, what if the boss catches you. Yikes!

To help illustrate just how big of a love affair most people have with their phones these days, the survey revealed that in the event of some major disaster, a cell phone would be the number two thing people would want the most, right after water. HELLO, what about food people?

Food actually came in third! It would be interesting to take that same survey again after people hadn't eaten in say three days.

Somehow I think the results might look a little different. Hopefully?

Source: The Telegraph