When one talks about careers these days, you never know what to expect. Other than if you're lucky enough to be working in your chosen career, expect more work. That seems to be the consistent theme everywhere.

A new survey regarding careers reveals a few interesting tidbits about what the average person can expect to see throughout the course of his or her working life.

According to the survey, here is what you have to look forward to:

  • Six different jobs at six different companies, plus four interviews at companies that decide to pass on hiring you.
  • Twelve pay raises.
  • Three major work arguments and 875 minor ones.
  • 125 sick days.
  • You will show up late 188 times.
  • One time getting laid off or fired. (That seems a little low these days, don't you think?)
  • 45,000 cups of coffee.
  • And finally, one office romance.
So how many of these things have you encountered already in your career? If you've never experienced the office romance part yet, you might want to start preparing that apology to your significant other now, before it's due.