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Anyone who is married already knows that marriage is no slice of heaven. It has many ups-and-downs, before a couple settles into a comfortable, predictable, routine that you can both follow the rest of your lives.

But the third year of marriage seems to be the happiest. That was the overall consensus from a group of 2000 married adults who took part in a recent survey about the different milestones in a marriage.

By the third year, you've gotten through any early issues, you feel comfortable, you've learned to deal with each others imperfections and everything is still pretty new and exciting. In other words, your marriage still has that "new car" smell.

So if the third year is supposedly the best the year, which year is the worst?

That appears to be year number five. People taking the survey said the fifth year of matrimony is the hardest one. The bloom has worn off the proverbial rose by then.

Things aren't as exciting and new anymore, chances are you've had kids by then and there's a lot of extra pressure to take care of them. Combine all that with the exhaustion of increased workloads and year number five becomes the tricky one!

But, if you're lucky enough to make it to year seven, the chances of your marriage making it over the hump improves immensely! 

The seventh year of marriage is the tipping point according to most experts. That is the year your marriage hits the wall.

If you're still happy after seven years, you should probably heed the words of the Captain and Tennille and start singing "Love is Gonna Keep Us Together."

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Couples that last seven years after tying the knot, generally make it for the long haul! That doesn't mean there still won't be plenty of challenges ahead. Counseling can help smooth out most rough spots. However, if there are more lows than highs, you might want to seek out some legal advice.