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Nothing beats a cold turkey sandwich the day after Thanksgiving!

That seems to be the general consensus anyway according to a new Harris Interactive poll regarding Thanksgiving leftovers.

65% of the people asked are more excited about devouring the Thanksgiving Day leftovers than the actual Thanksgiving dinner.

Leftover turkey is what we're looking forward to the most on the day after. Followed by; stuffing, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. Hey, what about the cream corn casserole, it didn't even get an honorable mention! Huh? Who are they talkin' to anyway?

Oh yeah, and if you're worried about over-eating the next few days, don't! I just read the average person will burn 1,500 calories Christmas shopping over the next month.

And that only counts the calories you burn from walking. Not the ones you'll spend throwing elbows and ripping the last sale priced 50 inch TV out of the hands of some poor unsuspecting shopper on Black Friday.

So feel free to gorge yourself this Thanksgiving.  You’re going to need the energy, Christmas shopping is tough stuff!