With the weekend upon us once again, I'm sure the wine connoisseurs' of the world out there we'll be looking to crack open a bottle or two of the ole grape. But when is the best time to pop that cork, pour a glass, unwind and start chillin'?

A recent survey asked people about their wine drinking habits and found the average person cracks open their nightly bottle of wine around 6:52 P.M. That's right before dinner, putting the kids to bed and primetime TV.

On the nights they drink, the average grape nut has three glasses. 2.7 to be precise.(Unless of course you're Patty Dee, who averages anywhere from one to seven.) But who's really counting.

84% of wine connoisseurs' try to have at least two nights a week when they don't have any, and those two nights typically fall on a Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday had the latest wine opening time, at 7:28 P.M. While Friday had the earliest, at 6:17 P.M. I would imagine you can attribute that to people needing to get a head start at taking the edge off a tough week.

As a matter fact, as the week goes on, that wine comes out earlier and earlier. No real surprise.

As far as what types of wine men and women prefer,  Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot rank number one and two respectively for both men and women. But the stats change for third place where women score White Zin just ahead of Chardonnay. Men prefer Pinot Noir third, and then Chardonnay ranks fourth as their number one white choice.

Source: Daily Mail