With 18 inches of snow on the ground in some parts of southeast South Dakota, it's hard to imagine what winter is going to bring.

According to WSI, a division of The Weather Company, we're going to see much warmer temps this winter.  Our friends to the south aren't going to be as lucky.

According to Dr. Todd Crawford, WSI chief meteorologist, a division of The Weather Company, he said:

One of the biggest factors in this forecast is the strong El Niño that is expected to last through this winter. There is a tendency for temperatures to be cooler in the southern half of the U.S. and warmer in northern sections of the U.S. during El Niño winters.

The above average temps will last through February.

Watch the video here of Dr. Crawford explaining the good news.

If you live and breathe by the Farmers' Almanac, they are predicting a different story.  See their 2016 Winter Outlook here.