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Pet peeves we all have them. I think my biggest is when you hold the door open for someone and they don't say thank you. Man that really irritates me!

It's like the person expected you to hold the door open for them. Would it have killed you to say a simple thank you? I didn't know it was my job to be Carlton your doorman.

I'm sure you have a few pet peeves that drive you crazy too. Maybe one of them is reading some guy's rant about how he hates it when a person doesn't say thank you when he holds the door open for them?

Hey that's fine, its part of what makes us all unique and completely neurotic human beings right?

Some pet peeves are so universal they transcend all borders.Here are some of the most common pet peeves according to a new survey from Daily Mail:


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  • 2

    Spam Emails

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    Slow people in front of you in line.

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    Rude salespeople

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    People who tailgate

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    Stepping in gum or dog poop

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    Getting stuck behind a slow driver

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    People who talk loudly on their cell phones

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    People who chew with their mouth open

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