You have a list of items that you've been using all summer long that are either broken, tried to fix, need to replace or update.

So let's compare my list with maybe yours:

  • Grill cover-replace
  • Grill-just clean it already!
  • 8x10 foot deck-replace
  • Patio chairs-beyond repair, update
  • Lawn mower-see grill
  • Lawn hoses and reel-replace
  • Rake-don't bother, hire the neighbor kid.

Point is, fall is the best time to find end-of-the-season buys on all of these products you have used, overused, misused, loaned out and never saw again or the best one of all, "Honey it's time to let go.  You've had that since I first met you."

Next spring it will feel like Christmas with new toys!