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Holiday party season is upon us once again. Let's say you want to capture a great looking picture with all your family and friends at this year’s big holiday party. Or maybe a quick pic of all your co-workers together at the company Christmas party.

The question, when is the perfect moment to break out the camera and start snapping shots?

A new study has figured out exactly when that moment's two hours and 36 minutes after the party starts.

Research has found that you need to give your guests time to roll in, meet and mingle with people, get into some conversations and have a few drinks. Just not too many drinks.

So if your party begins at 7:00pm, you'll want to take the photo at 9:36pm.

Just make sure you take the photo before three hours transpires. After three hours, people start to leave most parties, or start to look more disheveled than when they showed up.

After a three hour period, bad things begin to happen. The ghosts of Christmas parties past begin to appear.

You've given the big drinkers at the party plenty of time to throw back a few holiday libations. That always spells trouble.

The last thing you want is being forced to take your holiday picture when Uncle Fred with the bloodshot eyes is nearly passed out on the couch. Or your co-worker Ted, has assumed the company Christmas party position, and is now draped all over his hot looking blonde secretary asking her to help him with some dictation in the supply closet.

Remember, if you want the perfect picture, its two hours and 36 minutes after the party officially starts.

Source: The Gloss