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Apparently it's every man's dream to spend his younger years sewing his wild oats with beautiful supermodels. Now who would have guessed that huh?

What is surprising however, is when a guy gets ready to settle down and get married, he supposedly wants to find someone nice and a little on the homely side?

That's the word according to a new study from Counsel and Heal.

Men are all about women with more attractive and feminine features for one-night-stands. We're talking the ladies with the large eyes, small nose, full cheeks, small jawbone, big breasts; you know the young hottie type, with the intellect of a Kleenex box.  That’s the kind of woman that most men said they want to spend a drunken Friday night with having sex, just not a long term relationship.

But when it comes to the marrying kind, they're on the lookout for a lady who’s less attractive and has more masculine features.

The theory behind all this is that men have to worry about more attractive women cheating on them. And if a woman cheats on you, there's a chance you'll get stuck raising some other guys kid. And it's the male biological instinct not to do that.

So what did we learn here? When a man is ready to settle down, he is not necessarily looking for the Jennifer Aniston type.  He’d be more content hitching his wagon to someone who closely resembles Dot Jones (aka… Coach Beiste ) from Glee.


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