When are you more likely to say "I Love You" to your significant other? Right after they've done something incredibly romantic or nice for you? During or after sex? Or how about 10:00 P.M. on Saturday night?

We have a winner!

Believe it or not, 10:00 P.M. on a Saturday night is the most common time couples say "I Love You" according to a new survey done by a British TV channel.

The reason? Couples said they were more inclined to say the "L word" once the stress of their work week was over.

Two in five couples reported saying I love you before and after having sex, and when their partner did something nice or romantic for them. One in five couples also have said it after a night out hanging with friends.

Other interesting facts about people and the "L Word":

  • Two in five couples say that they've said it to someone, just not necessarily  their current partner, when they didn't really mean it.
  • Another two out of five couples say they used to say it to their partner more often, but stopped saying it as much once they started living together.
  • And one in ten people claim they never tell their significant other that they "love them."

Hopefully that is not the case with you and your significant other? The majority of relationship experts claim you should always say "I Love You" to your mate at least once per day, and most agree it's often better to show it, than say it.

Maybe you want to start this Saturday night, say around 10?