You've been dating that special someone for a couple of months. It's a romantic moment, maybe even passionate.  He's looking into your eyes, you feel the connection, you feel so close and you're pretty sure he is the one.  You blurt out "I love you."  Then...there is silence.  It's that awkward moment.  You feel uncomfortable and humiliated.  What have you done?

If you're a Seinfeld fan, that would be called a big "matzo ball hanging out there" moment.  Remember when George told a women he loved her and she didn't say it back?

What does love mean anyway?  Do you say "I love you" when you feel close to someone, you seem right together and you want a future together?  On the other hand, do you say "I love you" to reel in a mate who really isn't ready yet, trying to guilt them into saying it, too?

According to psychiatrist, Dr. Gail Saltz:

The point is to try to wait to say "I love you" until you feel pretty certain you and your partner are on the same love page.  Discuss your feelings for each other to test the waters.  How do you feel about each other?  Do you like spending time together?  Do you see a future together?  Do you feel you're right for each other?

Once you're ready to say "I love you," say it loud and proud.  Everyone wants to know, feel and hear they are loved.

We want to long did it take for you to say "I love you."  Did you say it first?  What happened if they didn't reply?  How did you know it was time to say "I love you?"  Tell us your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Here's a tip...the average person says "I love you" about 90 days into a relationship.