Xavier Arnau/Getty Images

Ever been to the gym and the person exercising next to you smells like a truck stop restroom?   

There's a reason, it doesn't sound like most of us are too fond of washing our gym clothes on a regular basis.

Assuming you go to the gym to work out and not socialize the entire time, and you actually put a little effort into it, you should wind up sweaty and nasty once you finished. 

Which also means your workout clothes should be quite ripe once you're done.

Apparently that doesn't seem to bother many people.

A new survey found that only 21% of people say they wash their gym clothes after every single workout. And for a lot of us, that just meant wearing a different shirt.

The majority of people will often go as many as three workouts before tossing those shorts, yoga pants and skintight lycra shirts in the laundry.

What's even more amazing, women are worse about washing their workout clothes than men. I'm guessing that's probably because the majority of the ladies are the ones who end up doing the laundry in most households.

Even though most people have a lackadaisical approach to keeping their workout clothing clean, ironically enough, 44% of the people in the survey reported saying the most negative thing about working out in a gym is when the person next to you smells like a cat's litter box that hasn't been cleaned in a month.

Next time that happens, maybe you should check to make sure that odor you smell, isn't emanating from you?