Jacom Stephens/Getty Images

You might feel that South Dakota, or maybe I should say Iowa, has some of the worst drivers on the planet as you cruise all over Sioux Falls Christmas shopping this holiday season. But believe it or not, the worst drivers in the U.S. supposedly reside in Louisiana.

A website called CarInsuranceComparison.com just released a new list of every state ranked from best to worst drivers.

The rankings are based on five different categories. Deaths per 100 million miles driven, citations for failure to obey lights and seatbelt laws, DUIs, speeding tickets and reckless driving tickets.

Louisiana tops that list. Followed by South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Montana, and North Dakota.

Come on, Iowa didn't even make the top 10? There must be a mistake. I think they need to do this study over again.

People in Vermont are the best drivers. Followed by Utah and New Hampshire. And check this out, both Minnesota and Iowa, yes I said Iowa, are in the top 10 for the best drivers in the country.

Alright, I know there's something fishy going on now. Obviously the people who conducted this study have never seen any of these Iowa farmers try and change lanes on 41st street on a Saturday afternoon two weeks before Christmas. Talk about a scary sight.

Just a heads up to the mini-van driver from Woodbury County Iowa who tried to engineer a 3 lane-change maneuver on 41st street last Saturday afternoon around 2:30, a "blinker" is a wonderful thing. You should try using it sometime. Really, you should! 

In case you're wondering how South Dakota drivers scored, we ranked 32nd in the nation when it comes to good drivers.

You can see the complete list here.