If you look around the office today, chances are you might see a few tired looking people. Not just because it's Monday. But primarily because we're coming off a really nice weather weekend, and I'm sure there were plenty of folks out there that over did it just a bit and are consequently paying the price for it today.

So if you happened to notice a few co-workers that looked like they were dragging this morning and you spot a few missing seats this afternoon, no they're not out playing hooky. They might actually be napping in their car or even underneath their desk!

A new survey revealed that 18% of people say they've gone outside to take a nap in their car during the workday. Another 16% have taken a nap in their office chair. 11% have taken a nap in the break room at work and 3% have even curled up and caught a couple of Z's underneath their desk.

You either have to be incredibly tired or incredibly stupid to start sizing up the space under your desk to figure out if you could get away with a nap under there.

But, on the other hand that idea did kinda work for George Costanza. Sort of.

Source: PR Newswire