When I was in high school, quizzes terrified me.  But now, if I see the word "quiz" in a magazine or while surfing the net....I'm taking it!  I've taken quizzes that have shown me what muppet I would be (Sweetums), what Harry Potter character I would be (Harry Potter HIMSELF!) and because I grew up in the 80's: what 80's star would I be? (Cyndi Lauper)

Usually after taking the quiz and then having the computer pick what best matches my answer, I sit back and laugh.  I read...then re-read...the explanation of why I should be Sweetums, Harry Potter and Cyndi Lauper.   Apparently I have the traits that are "fun-loving", "loyal" and the "ability to be where I'm supposed to be".  (Whatever THAT means!)

So while surfing around the internet, I was excited when I found a quiz that would tell me 'Which Country Star Are You'!

I quickly answered the questions, picking my favorite color denim, choosing the style of pick-up truck I would drive and where I would like to go have a drink...anxiously awaiting who I might be if I was a Country Star.

After finishing my list of quiz questions and hitting the "submit" button, I came to the conclusion that I think I have FINALLY found a quiz that actually describes ME!  My results told me,

You’re passionate and competitive, but you’ve got a soft, romantic side too. That said, you also have a mean streak, and God help anyone who crosses you.

Yes!  That does describe me!  But which country star am I?  According to the quiz...I am Carrie Underwood.  Honestly, I know I don't have ANY of the songwriting and singing characteristics as Carrie...and I can only DREAM of looking as good as Carrie.  But it's nice to know that if I get so angry that I want to dig my key into someone's vehicle, carve my name into a leather seat, take a Louisville Slugger to some headlights or slash some tires, I have the company of Carrie Underwood.