Halloween is right around the corner and here is the scariest news I've heard in sometime, more Americans are concerned about choosing the perfect Halloween costume than voting for the next president! I kid you not!

According to a nationwide survey done by Savers', 57% of the people polled were more concerned about finding the right Halloween costume than finding the right president to lead this country for the next four years!

Ok, let me see if I’m understanding this correctly,  unemployment is at 7.8%, gas prices are approaching $4.00 a gallon, a war is still raging on in Afghanistan, the housing market continues to struggle and the price of just about everything these days is on the rise. And over half of the Americans surveyed are more concerned with deciding whether they should be a Pirate, a Power Ranger or a Peacock this Halloween?

It’s a wonder how this country got in the state it's in! Hey don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween as much as the next guy, but you should do yourself a favor and get out and vote! No matter who you plan on voting for, let your voice be heard on Tuesday, November 6th.

Here's an idea, go to the polls in your Halloween costume. If you run into Minnie Mouse on election night, chances are that will be me.