I'll admit it, I love Neal McDonough. It could be the icy blue eyes, the fact that he looks great in a suit, or- -perhaps because he is a truly gifted actor. He is equally good when scaring the crap out of you as a bad guy or charming your pants off as a good guy.

His latest project is one that a lot of people have been talking about. This commercial for Cadillac's plug-in ELR first appeared during the superbowl. I did not see it until the Academy Awards aired last Sunday. I enjoyed it, but apparently not everyone did. Take a look:

What I took away from the commercial was that hard work pays off for some Americans, which is not a bad thing. Some people took it as a tribute to consumerism and the super-rich and were upset. Some see it as a xenophobic diatribe- -"We hate Paris, we hate France, we hate wearing underpants!" What? Wait a minute!!

But I digress, the whole reason I brought this up was Neal McDonough. He's kind of a rare breed in Hollywood; tremendously gifted, versatile, self-deprecating, long time married, (to the same woman), four kids, been fired for refusing to do sex scenes out of deference to his faith and his wife. But it hasn't stopped him from playing some of the most evil characters imaginable, along with a few lovable ones, thank goodness!

Google him. You'll be surprised how many things you've probably seen him in.