Move over vampires, America has a love affair with zombies now!

There is no disputing the fact that AMC's show the "Walking Dead" is enjoying record breaking ratings at the moment. But the question is why?

Dr. Sarah Lauro, an english professor at Clemson University says it's because zombie stories have always historically peaked in pop culture when people are the most unhappy.

Right now, because of the economic problems facing the country, we feel quote "dis-empowered and almost dead inside" like zombies.

History has shown during times of high unemployment, you tend to see a rise in the popularity of zombie related shows and movies according to Dr. Lauro.

It's like people shift into "surviving a zombie apocalypse mode." Focused on being a survivor, making the rules, doing what it takes to get by.

It sounds like until unemployment gets under control, Rick Grimes and his crew of zombie apocalypse survivors on the Walking Dead will at least have a job.