Ice falling off radio towers at accelerated speeds does not play well with broadcast equipment. Mix 97-3 and three other Results Radio stations are finding that out the hard way today.

That is the reason why you currently are not able to hear Mix 97-3 on your radio at the moment.

Due to the warmer temps and the melting currently going on, a large chunk of ice collided with and damaged a microwave dish on the Mix 97-3 tower on Saturday morning. That piece of equipment is used to send the stations signal from the studio in Sioux Falls to its transmitter site west of town.

Our engineering staff is currently working on a solution to the problem in hopes of getting us back on the air ASAP!

Until then, remember you can always listen to "Today's Best Mix" anytime at Mix or on your smart phone with the Radio Pup app. Simply click here or on the 'Listen Live' button on the right side of your screen.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work on getting things back to normal just as soon as we possibly can.