72% of women will be avoiding Facebook in droves today according to a recent survey. Why? Because it's Valentine's Day!

The main reason single women won't go near social media today, they don't want to see all their friends bragging about how amazing their relationships are, or being forced to see all the photos of what they're doing.

Then of course, there are the ladies who are involved in a relationship, but still will be avoiding Facebook today. These are the women with significant others who are slightly less romantic than Al Bundy.

These ladies don't want to hear about, or see their friends posting photos of all the flowers, candy, jewelry and brand new cars they'll be getting all day. While they sit and lovingly admire the romantic "oil funnel" their sweetheart gave them.

There's nothing worse than someone else's Valentine's Day making yours look pathetic.

Men on the hand other will have no problem hanging out on Facebook today. Valentine's Day doesn't bother them one bit.

As a matter of fact, many guys will attempt to live vicariously through their friends on a day like Valentine's Day. Imagining what it must be like to be with a woman who dresses up in lingerie and treats them like a God all day. As opposed to their significant other, who will nag them all night for forgetting to snow blow the driveway before they left for work.

Ah, Valentine's Day, you gotta love it don't you?

Source: Digital Journal