Who honestly thinks we'll know the winner of the 2012 presidential election by the time we go to bed on Tuesday night? Not me!

It's starting to look like this election might end up being another Al Gore-George Bush steel cage death match again!

The 2012 presidential election is supposedly is the closest race we've had in 76 years. It's a dead heat in almost every presidential poll you look at. 49% of likely voters plan on supporting the president, with an equal amount saying former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is their man.

At last check, Obama has an edge in nine battleground states, including a narrow 2.8 point lead in Ohio. Romney leads in two, Florida and North Carolina. Virginia is essentially tied.

President Obama should be a little nervous today, Mitt Romney has the "Redskins Rule" going for him. What's the Redskins rule you ask? If the Washington Redskins football team wins their final home game before Election Day, the incumbent party keeps the White House. Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, the Redskins got beat by the Carolina Panthers 21-13 on Sunday.

You should know the rule has been true in 17 of the 18 Redskins seasons that coincided with a presidential election since the team moved to the nation’s capital in 1940. Yeah, I know, rules were meant to be broken.

One thing is for sure; all the political talking heads will be in rare form on Tuesday night, devising their numerous paths to victory for both candidates.

Better plan on having a few Red Bull's on hand, cause I have a feeling this one is probably destined to go late into the night. Let's just hope it doesn't end up going to the court system again!