All parents want their children to be good human beings, but how do you raise a kid who's nice, but not a pushover?

Leslie Saul is a certified life coach who has some ideas for you. A lot of this is simply common sense, but since that commodity seems to be in short supply these days, I think these are worth mentioning.

  1. Set a Good Example - Your kids pay attention to everything you do and say. So from bad language to treating and talking about others badly, you are the model they build their behavior on. Try and remember that when your "perfect child" is accused of being a bully.
  2. It Is Your Job and Yours Alone to Teach Your Children Right from Wrong - and once again as the old saying goes, "actions speak louder than words". What your children see you do is what they assume is acceptable.
  3. Don't Make Excuses for Your Child's Bad Behavior - when they misbehave, address it.
  4. Make It Clear to Your Child That Every Living Creature Has Value - themselves included. When your child has respect for all life they will develop dignity and self-worth which prevents them from being a doormat and also makes them the kind of person who will stand up for others.
  5. Encourage Kindness in Your Child - and compliment them when they display it towards others.

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