Shortly after the first of the year, I read about a women who was addicted to texting and had decided for a New Year's resolution she was going to try and not send a single solitary text message for a month! I thought to myself, wow, good luck with that! Hope you make it.

Well, move on over text junkie, cause here comes Phoebe Baker Hyde and she has got you beat!

Phoebe, like most women loved to look her best. She would spend a great deal of time each day applying make-up as part of her daily routine. Her appearance really became an obsession after she moved to Hong Kong and was surrounded by a beauty and appearance obsessed society.

She rapidly discovered she was becoming a nervous, critical, angry, insure woman. Definitely not the type of woman or role model that she wanted to be for her young daughter.

So one day she threw out all her make-up, chopped off her hair and even stopped shaving her legs!

A year later, she says "I feel better than ever!" Upon making such a radical lifestyle change, she realized that it was not the make-up that was the problem, it was the make-up covering up her serious self-esteem issues regarding her appearance.

She said "Women need to stop judging each other on how they look and maybe the rest of society will follow suit."

How about it ladies, do you think Phoebe is a little kooky or do you applaud her for being brave enough to do it? Do you think you could do the same thing if you were in her shoes?