I had a roommate in college who endlessly listened to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's "Crossroads" over and over and over again. I thought about taking a knife to the CD, but never thought about stabbing him. A North Carolina woman would have cut my old roommate.

54-year-old Vernett Bader of North Charleston was still living with her ex-boyfriend. They broke up earlier this year but they were living together as roommates, at least until Monday night.

Bader's ex was blasting The Eagles over and over. She is not an Eagles fan, apparently, because when he wouldn't quit playing them she came after him swinging a bread knife. She didn't cause any damage that time, but she did manage to stab him after she got a different knife.

Bader was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic violence.

I'm wondering what Eagles songs could have caused such rage? There's no chance that "Hotel Californa" or "Life In the Fast Lane" caused the stabby rage because those songs are awesome. Here's my top guesses.

Top 5 Eagles Songs That Could Make You Stab Someone

  • 1


  • 2

    Peaceful Easy Feeling

  • 3

    Heartache Tonight

  • 4

    Tequila Sunrise

  • 5

    Lyin' Eyes