I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys, but your family dog caught your ladies eye before you did!

A new survey says women are three times more likely to feel love at first sight with their dog than with their boyfriend or husband.

Three out of four women reported that they fell in love with their dog the first time they saw it. Compared to only 27% that felt that same way when they met their boyfriend or husband.

Here's something else that will send a blow to your ego men, 43% of the women surveyed don't even remember the first time they met their man. But, 77% remember the first time they laid eyes on their dog, and what's worse, they said it was one of the most important moments of their lives.

Instant attraction was the deciding factor with women when it came to getting a dog.

While the women surveyed said there were so many more factors for them to consider before deciding on starting a relationship with the perfect man.

Just remember ladies, your man will never chew up your favorite pair of shoes or pee on your favorite rug. Well, come to think of it, I can't make any promises about the "rug" part.