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From time to time, I've had the privilege of participating in the decision making process on what my wife plans to wear to work the next day. (Not by my own choice I might add.)

Some days it appears as if she could seemingly spend the better part of an hour planning her whole ensemble. She tells me there is a great deal of thought that goes behind what a woman decide to wear each day.

I'm pretty sure most men on the other hand, just grab something that looks clean, not too wrinkled and we hit the door. But, I digress.

After I found this out, I thought I'd do a little investigative work and find out just what factors into a woman's mind as she picks out her clothes for the day.

Luckily, I was fortunate enough to stumble across a survey containing a list of things that influence what the typical woman decides to wear and how they rank in importance.

The following are few things that weigh on a woman's mind as she is deciding what to put on. Enjoy!

  • The weather


  • The temperature. (Yes, I know these two are similar. But weather means things like "rain", while temperature means is it going to be "hot or cold.")


  • The day's agenda.


  • Their mood.


  • Whether there's an occasion.


  • How much energy she has to put into her outfit.


  • Her personality.


  • Her confidence level.


  • What day of the week it is.


  • How much time she has.


  • If her boss is going to be in.

Wow! After reviewing that list, I can see why it takes so long to decide. I guess I'm amazed that women can actually find something each day that matches all the criteria! I’m impressed!

Here are a couple of other interesting little factoids from the survey; women are most likely to wear white on sunny days and red when they're happy. And just a heads up guys if you happen to be reading this, women supposedly only wear black when it's either cold or when they're in a bad mood. So if you spot a lady in black on a warm day, proceed with caution.