We already know that she thinks your tractor is sexy, but evidently you look pretty darn good in your pickup truck too.

According to a new survey, if you wanna be a ladies man, you better get yourself a truck.

32% of women say a guy driving a good looking pickup truck really gets their motor running. After pickups, ladies are attracted to men who drive sports cars, SUV's, sedans, hybrids and minivans in that order.

If you're a male postal delivery worker, I've have some bad news buddy. Women are supposedly the least attracted to a man driving a mail truck. (Hey, they might hate your wheels, but they still love a man in uniform, so you can take comfort in that!)

On the flip side, men find women who drive sports cars to be the most attractive. Followed by the ladies in sedans, SUV's, pickup's, hybrids and finally, yep you guessed it, minivans. Sorry all you soccer moms! The kiddy caravan isn't all that sexy I guess.

Guys if you really want to catch a ladies eye, make sure you get yourself a black pickup truck. Women say the most attractive car or truck color is definitely black.

Conversely, men say the most attractive car color for a woman to have is red.

Source: Yahoo Autos