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It's no secret that most women love to shop! Especially right before a big vacation.

With the summer vacation season upon us once again, a new survey reveals the average woman spends nearly one-third of what the summer vacation will cost on a new clothes for the vacation.

The typical summer vacation runs about $1,105. The survey showed that the average woman tends to spend in the neighborhood of $380.00 on new clothes to take along on the trip.

With 33% of women buying new clothes every time they go on vacation.

When asked the question, "why do you need new clothes every time?" 21% of the gals responded by saying, “we want to make sure our new vacation photos look different from the old vacation photos.”

Well I guess that's one way to solve that problem.

I don’t know, maybe it's the guy in me talking, but doesn't the change in scenery that every vacation provides, accomplish the same thing?