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Your mother was the one that brought you into this world, and most women believe you start to become exactly like her at age 31 according to a new survey.

More than half of the women participating in the survey claimed they started using the same sayings as their mothers, watched the same type of shows, developed the same hobbies and even started to share the same taste in men.

And of that group of women, they all reported it started to happen in their early 30's.

What causes the “like mother like daughter” transformation? Most women agree it was having kids. When you start to have children of your own, you start to develop the same type of traits your mother has.

When you're younger all you want to do is break free. Develop your independence. Then life starts to happen. You begin to get older, more mature and start to realize all that advice your mom gave you when you were younger makes sense.

Here's the big surprise, 51% of women said they were okay with morphing into their mother.

So how about you, have you had an "Oh my God, I just sounded like my mother moment" lately?