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Guys like Michael J Fox, Al Pacino, Robert Downey Jr. and Simon Cowell must have got lucky. Because it sounds like a majority of women really prefer tall men and have no reason to date short guys according to a new survey.

71% of women asked, said quote, "A guy wouldn't stand a chance" if he was under six feet tall. Yikes! That comment is bound to make all of us vertically challenged men shake our tiny little fists and curse in our high-pitched voices.

Women said that height was ranked as the most important physical quality in men, ahead of grooming, physique, fashion and even hair.

And speaking of hair, what about all of us short bald guys. If all of these finding are true, we really got hit with the double whammy when it comes to women. Heck, all of us short, follically challenged fellows might as well just move to a monastery and become a monk now I guess.

Over 50% of the women surveyed claim that taller men are just sexier than short men. Height is perceived to be a more “masculine” characteristic by most women. They view taller men as more dominant and assertive than shorter men. Better able to protect them and their offspring, while possessing greater genetic qualities to pass on to their future children.

Now for the million dollar question, how do short men feel about tall women? Only 45% of men would even WANT to date a woman taller than them and 72% of men are happy with their height.  So take that ladies!

Time for all of us "short man's syndrome" guys to continue working twice as hard as tall men, make twice as much money and go rule France!