The next time your husband, significant other, or a family member gives you a hard time about taking so long to get ready each morning, don't try wheeling out the old "I was having a hard time finding the perfect outfit or pair of shoes excuse." Because the cat is out of the bag ladies.

According to a new survey from a British cosmetics company, the average women spends 474 entire days of her life putting on makeup!

If you're wondering, that's more than one year and three months spent in front of the mirror making yourself beautiful.

If you break it down, the average woman spends three hours and 19 minutes putting on makeup in a week, or an average of over 28 minutes a day.

That comes out to just about 172 hours of makeup time per year. Over an average of 66 years of putting on makeup, that works out to be 474 days.

The majority of women surveyed were unfazed upon hearing the news of the time spent primping. 93% said there is still no chance they would give it up completely.

Sounds like the wait to get into the bathroom each morning continues guys. Sorry!