Any man that has tried to watch his favorite TV show or sporting event while his wife or significant insists on engaging him in conversation needs to know this. It's not their fault guys, women can't help that they talk more than men.

Here's why:

Researchers at the University of Maryland have discovered there's a protein in the brain that helps us produce speech.  And women have 30% more of it than men.

The average woman says 20,000 words a day, (I think my wife said at least 20,000 words during the last episode of the Walking Dead I was trying to watch, but I digress) which is almost TRIPLE the number of words an average man will say, at about 7,000.

This protein in the brain they discovered is called FOXP2 and it's important in the formation of speech.

Come to find out, rats have it too, it's what allows them to make noises.  Except that MALE rats make twice as much noise as female rats which is the opposite of humans.

So scientists examined the brains of rats and sure enough, they found that male rats had TWICE as much FOXP2 as females.

Next they looked at human brains.  And found women have about 30% more FOXP2 than men do.

Just remember that guys the next time your lady will not shut up. It's not her fault, it's just the way she's hardwired.

Kinda like we're incapable of putting the toilet seat down, giving women an opinion when they ask us for one, or that nasty habit we all have of waiting until the last possible minute to get ready. I love that one!