They say every woman has a moment in her life where she thinks to herself, "Maybe I should cut my hair short?" You might want to hold off on the idea of going with the Miley Cyrus look.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A new survey recently asked men which hairstyle they find most attractive on a women, and let's just say short hair didn't rate that high.

Only 4% of the men asked admitted to being fans of  women with shorter hair.

62% of the guys surveyed said they find a woman with longer hair to be the most attractive. Followed by ladies with mid-length hair.

When asked why they prefer the ladies with the longer locks, most men said "because it's more feminine looking." Another popular response was, "I like to run my fingers through my ladies long hair."

Men also appear to favor brunettes over both blondes and red heads too. As brown hair was voted the most attractive hair color.

So ladies, the next time you get the itch to cut off all your hair and acquire the Natalie Portman, Renee Zellweger, Pink look, STOP!

Especially if you want the man in your life to dig your new hairdo!