The truth is out, women worry more than men according to a new survey by the CDC.

22% of women surveyed say they feel worried on a daily basis or weekly basis. Compared to only 16% of men who claim they worry that often.

I'm fairly confident their findings are correct, for the sole reason that my late mother was a consummate worrywart.

In looking back, I can remember her agonizing over silly little things from the milk that expired yesterday to not remembering to shut off the water in the house before leaving on a vacation.

There were many times we would leave the house, only to have to turnaround and go back home to make sure things like the coffee pot wasn't still on. It was maddening!

Do you know anyone that suffers with anxiety issues like that?

If so, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel for our nervous, anxious friends out there. The CDC survey revealed you will start to worry less, once you make it into your 70's. Both men and women age 75 and up reported worrying FAR less than men and women who are younger.

The secret is getting into your 70's. Hopefully all that worrying doesn't kill you first!