Dolly Parton will be so disappointed to hear this news, but the 9 to 5; 40-hour workweek is dead! You can stick a fork in it!

I'm sure this news won't come as a shock to anyone. Even people in radio are working more than 40-hours a week these days! What's this world coming to?  People in radio work most weekends, so the phrase most commonly heard on a Friday afternoon at a radio station is; "Have a great weekend, we'll see you tomorrow."

It sounds like most working Americans can relate, a new survey has found that 88% of America's workforce is now working more than 40 hours a week. And 71% of us do additional work from home after hours at least once a week.

It gets worse, 63% of people are no longer taking a full lunch break every day due to increased workloads.

And not only do we have more work to contend with, it takes us longer to get to work. Over half of us, 58% have a daily commute that exceeds 30 minutes each day.

Source: PGI