iPad owners love their iPads! So much so, that a new survey finds 32 percent of iPad owners say accidentally breaking their device would hurt more than having a root canal. Another 10 percent said it would be more painful than getting fired from their job! Really?

The survey from Brainshark Inc. also finds that 42 percent of iPad owners value their devices so much they would rather turn off the heat on a winter day than turn off their iPad. Obvisiously they've never experienced a January day in South Dakota. 

Poll respondents also said they'd rather lose the following items than lose their iPad:

  • Credit Card-46 percent
  • Debit Card-45 percent
  • License-42 percent
  • Wallet-27 percent
  • Wedding ring-20 percent

Speaking of losing your iPad. A few months ago, my wife and I bought our first iPad. She took it with her while vacationing with friends out of town and accidentally left it in a hotel room. Now that's painful!

How about you, do you agree, would breaking your digital device be more painful than losing your job? Let us know.