Eric Audras/Getty Images

If your significant other isn’t exactly the cuddling kind, your prayers have been answered.

Allow me to introduce you to the "Snuggle House", a new business for people who just need a hug.

These Snuggle Houses have supposedly been springing up all over the country from New York to Colorado. They're a business where you actually pay someone to cuddle with you.

What's the going rate for an hour of cuddles you ask? Around $60.00 I guess. A sweet gig if you can get it!

The question becomes, does it count as prostitution if you pay a stranger for just a "spooning" session? That's what they're trying to figure out in Madison, Wisconsin right now. A Snuggle House was set to open there just a few days ago, but city officials but the kibosh on it until they're absolutely sure it's not a brothel.

One of the main reasons they're suspicious it's a brothel is that all but ONE of the in-house snugglers on staff are female.

Snuggle House representatives claim there is nothing sexual in nature happening in the snuggery. It's a totally platonic experience. The snuggery is simply a place for someone to go that’s looking for a nice long, soothing cuddle.

I wonder if they offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee, or your next snuggle is on us?

Here’s a video that explains the services provided at the Snuggle House.