Maybe I'm just showing my age, but, I find something very odd.

My wife's co-worker and her husband often times will text each other, instead of talking as a way to communicate while they both are inside the SAME HOUSE together!

Say what? Or maybe I should say, text what?

That just screams laziness, or anti-sociableness to me. You choose.

Please, please, tell me that you too are not one of these people who CALL or TEXT your family members so you don't have to walk into the other room to talk with them?

If you answered yes, don't worry, you're not alone. A new survey reveals that 45% of people admit they've used phone calls, text messages, emails and even social media messages to communicate with family and friends while in the same dwelling together.

What is even more frighting to me, the survey also found that 22% of people say they prefer using their smartphones to communicate with people than ever see them face-to-face!

I read a report recently that said, one in three teenagers would rather text than talk. Here are a few of the most popular reasons why:

  • Ask someone out without having to look at them in the eye.
  • Dump him/her, while not having to look at them in the eye.
  • Phrase your sentence as best as possible, read and re-read it over and over again to make it sound diplomatic, thereby negating any chances of stuttering or babbling endlessly like an idiot.
  • Get your message across to that old lady who fails to hear you past your first word.
  • Get your message across without getting interrupted (meant for the disciples of one-sided conversation; the yap, yap, yap types).
  • Apologize. No matter how fragile your ego, the text message somehow always ends up cushioning it.
  • Evade the exhaustion of actually meeting someone.
  • Silently communicate. You can send text messages to each other without other people being able to eavesdrop. It also works wonders in movie theatres and during drop-dead boring seminars/ lectures/ speeches.
  • Deliver a heartfelt, emotional message to the other, without fearing the prick in one’s nose, the catch in one’s throat or the embarrassingly unexpected, unwanted outpour of your tear-gland.

Are we raising or in some cases right now becoming a generation that will one day not know how to communicate verbally with each other? Does that concern you, even just a little?