1.     Verdict is still out on Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian as hosts. Mario is the veteran host, but Khloe could get better, maybe.
2.    David Correy, from L.A.’s over 25 team, was awesome.  I could be biased because he chose one of my favorite songs ever, ‘My Love is Your Love’ by the late Whitney Houston.  I thought he made it work.
3.    Diamond White, from Britney’s teens team, was pretty good.  She had to be pretty good because she did Train’s ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ and I hate that song, but she almost made me like it.  She did a different spin on it and it was cute.  Her performance was age appropriate and incorporated other kid dancers.  Good job.
4.     The next performer that made me take notice was Vino Alan.  He is also on L.A.’s team of over 25.  He performed a Nickelback song.  This is where I question whether or not the performer’s input is even acknowledged.  Vino is tattooed literally from his head to his toes and from his previous performances I considered him a little more of an alternative/ hard rocker.  He comes out and performs Nickelback.  Nickelback, really?  He does not strike me as a Nickelback fan.  I think L.A. picked the song for him and that was that.  I don’t know why else anyone would sing Nickelback on purpose.  (Did you pick up on the fact that I don’t like Nickelback?)
5.    Another judge not helping her contestant out is Demi Lovato.  She suggested that Cece Frey dye her hair blond.  No me gusta.  I think it washes her out.  If it was a little darker blond it might not be so bad.  I just didn’t like her hair or her performance.
6.    Britney Spears chose the song ‘I Won’t Give Up’ by Jason Mraz for Beatrice Miller.  I think this was another bad choice.  Beatrice, although young, comes off to me as a young Pink or Avril Lavigne.  A little bit rock and roll.  I thought the performance seemed forced and awkward.
7.    Jason Brock of the over 25 group is probably one of my favorites.  I just like that he knows who he is and he doesn’t apologize for it.  In his first audition he already had a vision of what his performance on a live show would look like and they went with it.  He did an amped up version of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Dance Again’ and I loved it.  It was campy, glittery, Las Vegas style and I loved every minute of it.  He finished it off by pinching Mario Lopez’s butt.  I’ve wanted to do that since he was AC Slater.  Does Jason Brock remind anyone else a little bit of Adam Lambert?
8.     The girl group 1432 was formerly known as LYLAS.  For whatever reason they had to change the name.  Not a fan of the name change, but I think this group has something to offer.  All the girls were previous solo auditioners and they can all really sing.  This is one of those rare groups where everybody can and does sing lead.  I like them a lot.
9.    Carly Rose from the teen category is mentored by Britney Spears.  She did a mash up of ‘Good Feeling’ mixing the old Etta James version with the new Avicci/Flo Rida dance version.  The girl can sing, but I don’t think Britney did her any favors by suggesting Beatrice dress up in a school girl uniform as a throwback to her heyday.  It was an odd set up for the song, but like I said, the girl can sing.
10.     That is all I have for now because the show was live and ran long and my DVR caught off the last parts of the show.  If anyone wants to fill me in on what I missed I would appreciate it.