If you look around the office today, you'll probably see a bunch of ladies that look like a million bucks! You wanna why? Because it's Monday.

A new survey found that an overwhelming amount of women, 74% as a matter of fact, always dress up for work every Monday. They'll brake out the power suits and try to look as put together and professional as possible on Mondays.

By Wednesday, that number will be down to 53%. By Friday, 43% of women will look like they borrowed some clothes off a homeless person. Okay, maybe it's not going to be that bad, but you'll definitely see more women wearing jeans and tennis shoes in the workplace by the end of the week.

The study found as the week progresses, a large number of women let their appearance slide. In fact, on Fridays, one out of four women say they sometimes will bring along a change of clothes with them to work, because they're going to dress up more for whatever they plan on doing AFTER work, than for work itself.

I wonder how the average employer feels upon hearing that news?

Source: Daily Mail