How would you feel if the next time you're out car shopping and you take a car out for a test drive, the dealer asks you for gas money once you return?

With gas prices on the rise, that is an idea some dealerships are toying with to combat the high cost of fuel prices these days.

According to reports, some car dealerships in California say they're adapting to gas prices by making potential customers pay for gas on test drives.

More than likely it would only apply to those people wanting longer test drives or multiple test drives. I'm sure they won't charge you for fuel, if you elect to buy the car. At least I hope so!

Can you imagine having to cough up a 10 spot to a dealer to help pay for gas on a vehicle you end up buying for $30,000-40,000?

If a car dealer tried to pull a shenanigan like that on you, would it sway your decision to buy a vehicle from them?