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After all those years of agonizing over your weight with crazy diets and sweating in the gym, all those hours spent in front of a mirror primping, trying to look your best has paid off. You've done it! You have found the love of your life. Mission accomplished! You found someone to take the plunge with and you've walked down the aisle to marital bliss.

Good news, the pressure is finally off to look good all the time. Unfortunately for most married couples, that is the mindset they are in.

A new survey has found that the average person gives up on trying to look their best just two years into marriage.

26 months is supposedly the magic number that two-thirds of us say, a what the heck, I know I'm gonna get lucky tonight regardless of how big my gut is, or how many chins I have. I'm going back for thirds in the buffet line. I might even finish off that last piece of cake when I get home too.

Just two years after saying "I do"...the majority of us can't say "hell no" to our food temptations, we pack it up, hit the couch and start packing on the pounds!

And what makes matters worse, most of us are perfectly fine with the fact that we stop caring about how we look and let ourselves go.

Men tend to cave into the food God's first. The average age that a man abandons his quest for 6 pack abs and trades them in for just plain old 6-packs is around 46.

For women it tends to take a little longer. According to the survey, ladies at least try to watch their weight until age 59.

Yep, the honeymoon is definitely over. Now it’s happy ever fatter I guess!

Survey conducted by CBS 3 in Philadelphia.